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At Certa Bay, we are dedicated to making your business better.

Whether you are taking on directorial duties for your very own start-up or already launched and leading your company on to success, we can provide you with the help you need.

We’re no virtual assistant service. With an in-depth understanding earned by working with businesses seeing a six- and seven-figure turnover, we have developed a specialist selection of services designed for individual needs.


Certified in the 4 areas
of Online Business Management

Short and long-term assistance

When you want to get a swift start in business, establishing a firm foundation to build on is an absolute must.

To set you off on the right foot, our dedicated systems packages are ideal, quickly putting the vital systems and processes in place and ensuring you are fully documented and up to date, ready for the road to success.

Alternatively, you might be already off to a great start but find you need some assistance to cope with your expansion. While a great director must understand every inch of their business, attempting to manage every element on your own is not always effective. With ongoing support from an expert online business manager – on operations, teams, projects, and metrics – you can focus on what you do best, breathing that creative spark into your enterprise.

Expert assistance in your corner

At Certa Bay, our services are designed to allow you to clearly see the structure of your business and its future plans. By breaking down your business journey into bitesize pieces, together we can create a roadmap you can follow for success.

We can show you how to build on your strengths and devise solutions for your problems through in-depth analysis of your business’s inner workings, from the processes you have in place, to how you collaborate and communicate with your team. Get in touch today to experience a new level of support.