About Us

Certa Bay was established to help female professionals, from budding entrepreneurs to established leaders in their own field, to achieve their ambitions.

Business strategy is key

We understand that the path to attaining those big business ambitions is a journey made up of several successful steps, so we help our clients design action plans made up of smaller goals.

By breaking down your overall goals into easy and manageable steps,  we can show you how to get where you want to be.

Drawn from extensive experience working with six- and seven-figure turnover businesses, at Certa Bay we have developed a selection of bespoke services designed for businesswomen working at the forefront of their sector. While offering expert advice, we can provide you with a complete set of director-level tools to succeed, ranging from putting systems manuals in place to business process management.

Carefully crafted support

Every business has its own unique needs, so we have designed options to cover both long and short-term support.

Depending on your company requirements, we can provide immediate aid to both document and improve your systems and processes, or ongoing support for you in your role of director. We focus on a range of management areas from operations and teams, to projects and metrics.

While every successful director must multi-task and have a hands-on approach, there comes a time when business growth demands delegation. You might be starting your enterprise from scratch and need help putting the foundation blocks into position so you can grow, or already up and running and looking to expand on your successes with structured steps.

Either way, at Certa Bay, we are dedicated to making your business better, allowing you to focus on breathing inspiration into your products or services. With day-to-day support on your side, you can reduce your stress levels and give your creative genius a free hand to explore new opportunities and realise your dreams.